Jill Minard

3 - 2 - 1 Action! a former 10 year tenure Theatre Arts and Speech Communications teacher made a choice of one passion over the other. Jill Minard, a true fan and participant of the arts discovered yoga at a much needed time in her life.

The story ~ Jill's choice of exercise was running. After walking the halls and theater in heels daily while teaching her knees began to hurt. She remembered seeing a couple in the park practicing yoga. Jill thought "what in the world could that possibly do to the body?" yet the peacefulness captured her attention. One cold winter evening she rented an OnDemand yoga video. Jill, with sweat bursting out of her, was astonished with how challenging yoga is yet she loved the grace, calmness, peacefulness and poise of yoga. Yoga Reminded her of her dancing years. Jill trained in ballet and performance since the age of 3 in her hometown Port Arthur, Texas. She originally wanted to teach dance to children but after 10 years of service in the Independent School District she believed she could do more for the parents. You see, as a parent and a professional, yoga was a safe haven in between the "9 to 5" and home. Jill felt like she was playing double-dutch, switching hats from Theatre teacher to Mother of 4 and yoga gave her the peace, stress relief, mental balance as well as took care of her body physically to be the best mom when home with her children Jasmine, Justice, Jillian and Peggie.

Jill practiced yoga a great period of time independently before ever entering a studio. When finally entering a studio to practice, she was amazed with the energy and strength she felt as she shared space and practiced alongside other people. Just like the old ballerina days and theatre days everyone was moving & grooving, breathing & connecting in sync. Jill felt as if she had this wonderful secret that she wanted to share with everyone!

"Filled with a Secret the Journey Continues"...... Inspired by the transforming power and her profound love of yoga, Jill Minard created Yoga House Houston to share this beloved Science with family, friends, associates and the world. Certified in Hatha Yoga (National Association of Certified Yoga Teachers {NACYT}, Lex Gillan, The Yoga institute, Houston, TX) and Kemetic Yoga (Master Yiser Ra Hotep, Montego Bay, Jamaica), her focus is quieting the mind, nurturing Gods gift (the body) and Feeling Good! In a soft, subtle, serene yet stern and inspiring tone “Breath by breath, allow the body to enjoy the journey into each and every posture,” says Jill. In her class, one will experience grace, poise, discovery, patience, endurance and dexterity for a total mind, body and energy connection.


Dr. Veon McReynolds

Dr. Veon McReynolds started practicing yoga when he was 21 during a brief period of intense soul searching. He developed a routine that he practiced twice a day. Dr. V's reading and the influence of friends sparked him to quit smoking, change his eating habits and by 23 he was a vegan. Sadly, he had dropped his daily yoga practice however, he made exercise part of his daily routine leading to 10K and marathon runs. During the process of obtaining a Ph.D. from University of Texas he started racing bicycles. He continues to race and focus upon community health.

He firmly believes health is wealth, and that one can't be truly mentally healthy if you're not physically healthy. As part of his Community Psychology practice he leads a weekly bike rid supplying bikes, helmets and snack. Friends brought him back to yoga a year ago. Currently he is attempting to rehabilitate a broken pelvis and enhance his racing through yoga. He hopes to help others beginning their practice to embrace all the facets (diet, meditation, and life style) that Kemetic Yoga has to offer.

Jenn Broadwell

Since 2011, Jenn has been a passionate student of yoga. She has experience in the following forms of yoga: Ashtanga, Baptiste, Boustany Hatha Yoga (Pralaya Yoga), Hatha, Hot, Kemetic, Power, and Vinyasa Flow. The classes she teaches include a mix of elements from this variety.

Initially drawn to hot and power yoga for its physical demands and benefits, she quickly embraced the emotional and rejuvenating qualities of the practice as well. Additionally, many other rewarding qualities including health, happiness and patience have come to Jenn as a result of practicing yoga.

She is enjoying a beautiful lifelong journey and a fresh lifestyle that have emerged out of her commitment to yoga. She became certified in October of 2013 in Hatha Yoga by Lex Gillan, founder of The Yoga Institute in Houston, Texas ((National Association of Certified Yoga Teachers (NACYT) and 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)). Her decision to become certified developed out of a desire to give others the opportunity to fall in love with yoga as she did. She feels privileged to have found something that will never feel like a routine, something that will always be magical, alive and mindful.

Adilifu Sabur

Adilifu Sabur (200RYT) began practicing Kemetic Yoga in 2013 with Jill Minard at Yoga House in Houston, TX, and she received her 200hr Kemetic Yoga Teacher Certification in 2016 through the YogaSkills School of Kemetic Yoga (RYS), under the guidance of Master Yirser Ra Hotep in Negril, Jamaica.  Since beginning her practice, she's found yoga to be highly effective at reinforcing her inner strength and at enhancing her ability to translate her thoughts, desires, and ideas into outwardly-expressed action.  The greatest lesson she's learned through her practice so far is that Yoga is innate to all.  She is a registered member of the Yoga Alliance and the Black Yoga Teachers Alliance.

Max Inchaurregui

"Max was initially drawn to discover and cultivate his mind and body energetic connection when he began running, leisurely but passionately, and studying traditional West African hand percussion. While at college he was blessed with the opportunity to have brief but powerful introductions to Tai Chi, Chi Gong, and Yoga. These disciplines instilled a sense of wonder, love, truth, and purpose.

Once back 'home' in Houston in 2014, Max found Yoga House and immediately felt safe, confident, and inspired. Since then he has been cultivating his yogic discipline under Jill's guidance, studying the Kemetic philosophy and applying the Yoga Skills method.

Grounded, moved and inspired by the Dalai Lama's conviction that "...the planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of all kinds.," Max decided to take the next step and completed his 200hr Kemetic Yoga Teacher Certification in the Fall of 2016 here in Houston."